Life is a beautiful ride, so what are you waiting about. Grab your bicycle, take a deep breath, and close your eyes, feel the pure air on your breath and prepare for nature explore. Then start your adventure, Go to front path, which is from leebong restaurant, then follow the beach line to the zara tree house, then continue to the mangrove path, if you lucky then you will meet our native monkeys playing around or just try to find food. Continue until you see T-junction, turn left. And you will go to our chikas beach. You can enjoy a while there, take your time to be one with the nature. After your mind and body ready for more adventure, grab your bicycle, and start pedaling it to the T-junction, take a left turn you will find your self behind the zara tree house, follow the route and you will see our deer small zoo, you can sit there and watching them, then if you continue your journey you will see our worker village. Go explore the island yourself, there is no dangerous animal lives here, You may also want to bring your camera, to capture all of the wonderful memories while doing this activity and don’t forget to bring some drink also.



Table Tennis


Paddle Board



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